Karma Store


The current Karma Store resembles our current feed too much. Users also feel uncomfortable with redeeming items for themselves.

Design a new experience that allows users to feel good about redeeming their hard earned Karma Tokens. Products have already been purchased, inventory must be moved.

User Testing

Conducted online surveys and in-person testing to validate assumptions and learn more about user behavior.

"I don't like the idea where I gain Tokens to redeem something for myself. I want to gain Tokens to redeem something where I can help someone else."

"If I donate to something in the Karma Store, how will I know that what I'm doing is actually making a difference?"

"I'm not sure how the Karma Store works in general."

The Karma Store saw an increase in activity and in the number of Tokens exchanged. Better copy and positioning in postings converted into more Karma Items being redeemed.