With so many features and ways to make an impact on beHuman, users need a way to be able to track their efforts in a simple yet comprehensive way.

Design a dashboard for users to track their impact around the world and positively increase their overall experience.

User Testing

Conducted online surveys and in-person testing to validate assumptions and learn more about user behavior.

Users don't have trouble feeling the impact of their posts, they receive notifications when they inspire someone. They can quickly tell if their post is inspiring the community or not. Although users can tell if they're inspiring the community or not, it feels more like simple 'like' rather than an 'impact.'

Users felt uncomfortable navigating through the mocked up wireframe graph showed. Felt that there were too many things going on and wanted a simpler way to track their impact.

Engagement increased as users were able to not only see a snapshot of their impact, core users were able to identify what they could do next and performed more action.

While we were focused on creating a Dashboard to track everything done, we found that users were using the Dashboard to figure out what they could do next.